Monday, January 16, 2012

A Season To Remember...

The 2011 Baylor Football season was definitely one to remember. For me, it started out on a very high note with some help from Facebook and Twitter. Because I have many great friends I won a contest for a pair of season tickets for Baylor football. I have never purchased season tickets before because I just didn't think I'd be able to commit to attending every home football game and found it easier to just buy tickets for the games I was actually gonna make it to. And let's be honest, in the past attending Baylor football games has led to much frustration and much disappointment. So, to get tickets to every home game for FREE was awesome and led to many great memories and lots of great football! Besides attending every home game, I also got the opportunity to attend 3 road games and the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. Here's a quick recap of all the fun...

Game 1: TCU vs. Baylor - Baylor Wins!!
It took an unusually long time and a little off-roading to get to Waco for this Friday night game but it was totally worth it. This was an epic game that went down to the final seconds and put Baylor in the national spotlight. The Robert Griffin for Heisman talk began and I finally got some bragging rights over all my TCU co-workers! My good friends Kristy, Shane, Reagan, and Wendell attended this game with me and it was a blast. Besides winning, the highlight was probably seeing the couple in front of us celebrate like they just won a billion dollars. Baylor fans knew this year was finally going to be different!

Game 2: Stephen F. Austin vs. Baylor - Baylor Wins!!
I got to go to this game with sister, Ashleigh (BU class of 2007), and my college roommate, Stacey (BU class of 2004). It was tons of fun spending time in Waco again with these two! This game actually only lasted 3 quarters because of lightning but we still had a great time and as long as Baylor wins it doesn't really matter how long the game lasts! This is our only picture from the night...Pat Neff Hall is lit up in green after every Baylor win.

Game 3: Rice vs. Baylor - Baylor Wins!!
I was so excited to go to this game with Kristy and the boys! It is always fun to go to the game with them and really helps with my recruiting of the Bagg boys! This game wasn't all that entertaining so we had a little football game of our own. Kristy gave a great recap of this night here.

Game 4: Baylor vs. Kansas State - Baylor loses by 1 stinkin' point!
This was Baylor's first road game and both teams were undefeated going into the game. I watched this game on TV and spent most of the game pacing, praying, and hoping Baylor would come out on top. Alas, it wasn't in the cards and we lost the game in the final seconds by 1 point.

Game 5: Iowa State vs. Baylor - Baylor Wins!!
A couple of my former 4th graders went with me to this game. Jacob and Joseph are two talented football players and it was fun to watch the game with them. And, of course, Baylor won so it was all good!

Game 6: Baylor vs. Texas A&M - This one was kind of ugly!
It is always fun to visit College Station! I have several close friends who are Aggies and so this game is always important. The Rothenbergers were kind enough to allow me to tag-along and enjoy this game with them. Kyle Field is a special place and because of all the SEC/Big 12 drama it was definitely a hyped up crowd. After starting out strong, Baylor kind of fizzled and lost in a big way! This will probably be the last time Baylor and A&M play football for a very long time and unfortunately the Aggies have bragging rights for what looks like forever! It was a super fun day though and I'm thankful I got to enjoy it with great friends!

Game 7: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State - This one was very ugly!
Parker and I took a little road trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma to enjoy this game. It was my first time in Stillwater and I loved it. The people were so friendly and they had a great game day atmosphere. This would have been a stunning upset for Baylor, but it turned into a stunning defeat! We played horrible and it was a long ride home!

Game 8: Missouri vs. Baylor - Back on track!
After losing two games in a row there was a lot riding on this game. A lot of people said that if we lost this game, we wouldn't even make a bowl game. I was nervous going in but Abbee and Emma kept me calm. It was super fun to go to the game with these two girls and I loved exposing them to Baylor. I think Emma even enjoyed the game...she had told her mom that she didn't even like football! In the end, Baylor got win #5!

Game 9: Baylor vs. Kansas - Way too close for comfort!
This game was in Lawrence, Kansas and I had to listen to it on the radio. Kansas was having a really rough season and this should have been an easy win for Baylor. I actually gave up listening because we were losing bad going into the fourth quarter and I just couldn't believe we were gonna lose to Kansas! I checked back in with a few minutes remaining and was able to listen to the tail-end of what turned out to be one of the greatest come-from-behind-wins in Baylor football history!

Game 10: Oklahoma vs. Baylor - Unbelievable!
This turned out to be one of my favorite football games ever! Kristy, Alex, Reagan, Luke, Landry, and I made the trek to Waco for this Saturday night game. I'd be lying if I said I thought there was any way that Baylor would be able to beat Oklahoma but that is exactly what they did! Check out the video in the last post to see just how exciting that game was. It was definitely the biggest win in my time as a Baylor fan!

Game 11: Texas Tech vs. Baylor - Another great win!
This was technically a home game but it was played at Cowboys Stadium. It was nice to be able to go to a game just down the road! Parker, Landry, Luke, and I attended this game and had a great time! By this time, Baylor fans believed the team could beat just about anybody!

Game 12: Texas vs. Baylor - Woohoo!
My Dad and I made the trek to Waco for this game on a rainy, rainy day! Texas had just beaten A&M and we really needed RG3 to have a great game to better his chances at the Heisman. It was a great game and Baylor won again! It was really exciting to witness another huge win despite having to sport a pancho the entire game! Since my brother went to UT my Dad is a fan of the Longhorns as well as Baylor so it was fun to come out on top in this one!

Game 13: Washington vs. Baylor - The Alamo Bowl - Win #10
I'll need to make a separate post about the Alamo Bowl experience but this was a crazy game that fortunately turned out in our favor! I had the best time with Alex, Reagan, Parker, Luke, and Landry on this little adventure!

It was definitely a season to remember and not only was all the winning fun, it was really great to be able to share all the fun with great friends and family! It's been a long time since being a Baylor fan meant you actually witnessed the team win but hopefully that's the way it's going to be for a long time!

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